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Some Tips for Selling Your Old Video Games

Have a bunch of video games that you don't play anymore? Well why don't you sell them? There are several opportunities you have to put them up for sale or exchange them for credit at some stores.

The most popular place to sell items is eBay. You just need to make a seller's account and put your items up for bid. Try to take a picture of your game cover and put it on the description for your video game. You can do this with any game from any system be it Play Station 1 to Play Station 3 or Xbox and even PC games can be sold on eBay. You have people who are bidding on your game and hopefully you will get a darn good price for it.

But don't put all your stock in just one place to sell at. There are other choices for you to try. Yahoo! has their own auction site (though no longer available in the U.S.), or you can make your own website. If you have enough games, this might be a great idea. You can come up with some cool sounding domain name and register it. Begin selling your games that way.

There is also Half (dot com) which is a division of eBay but usually stuff is cheaper there. But remember if your game is kind of beat up on the back you can't expect to get a great price on it. You have to be fair to the person you are selling for, and in the same sense if your game is in pristine condition you could expect a much higher price.

But with auctions it's not always going to get to the price you were hoping to get. Also you have to remember to include your shipping costs in the cost of the item, well it's listed separately, but you don't want to put an amount here that is way too low, and in the same way a cost that is tremendously huge. People will wonder why it's so high and may not bid on your item just because of that.

Looking to sell video games is a great way to clean up your room and get you more money for those newer games that come out every day. Just don't expect to make tons of money because you'll be disappointed in the difference between what you were counting on and what you actually made. Good luck on the sales!


Things to Know Before You Buy a Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game

The massively multiplayer online role-playing games are becoming more and more popular with every day that passes. Even if you haven't tried such a game before you will be tempted to try the minute you come across such a game. If you spend some time digging to find what else is available, the addiction can become irresistible.

Indeed, the MMORPGs are one of the best games. They have graphics and game play elements that are just as good as the graphics and the game play elements of the other games you play. Moreover the "real" feel of these games is something a lot of the rest just do not have. Some compare their favorite MMORPG with a real life experience you live it, you don't simply play it.

However, as with anything else you are buying or paying for, you need to resist to the initial temptation and check a few things first.

Obviously since we are talking about a computer games you need to check the system requirements of the game you want to buy. Although MMORPGs are played online, they still require a PC with certain characteristics. Check if your processor, Ram and video card will meet the minimum requirements of the game. If not, think carefully is that game so important for you? If yes, then upgrade your computer. Many massively multiplayer online role-playing games have some trial free period and then a monthly fee so never subscribe first and then do the upgrade.

The next thing to worry about is the internet connection. You have to check if the one you have is good enough for playing online games. Moreover some game servers will require a broadband connection.

Once you have everything in place try the game. As mentioned many games have a free trial. Even though you might like the game at a first glance do not go to the checkout. Many games unfortunately are not that good. On the other hand the game may be excellent but not exactly to your taste.

You can subscribe for the free trials of several games at the same time and see which one will suite you best. Another thing you can do is to read some reviews. The good thing about MMORPGs is that there is a large community and getting opinion is not difficult at all.

The last thing that a MMORPG requires is a lot of free time and dedication. As any other game you will need some time to learn how to play and than enjoy it.


In Your Face - Popular Fighting Games

The action of fighting and its intensity have always been popular topics; from the Old Sagas that were first told around campfires of the heroics of warriors to the medieval romance stories of knights. Fighting monsters has been an integral aspect of the stories. This genre of stories has always been in vogue. Thus we have board games like Battleship and arcade games like Gun Fight wherein the Old West gunslingers shot it out.

Fighting games are part of the action game genre. They involve a one-on-one fight. Traditionally, the hand-to-hand combat is a fighting game, though a clash between two opponents welding weapons is a branch of fighting games. A boxing convention of fans of boxing has been to call boxing the fights. Boxing has been categorized with fighting games, though some say it should be in sports. Of course really good boxing games strive to be realistic and showcase boxing strategies such as dancing, switching from left handed to right handed boxing and so on. Fighting games that revolve around the martial arts are not realistic in nature tending to exaggeration, though they are popular. Some of the first fighting games were boxing games.

Download Games

There are so many download games that are fighting games, but here are a few to try out if you haven't already experienced playing them.

Rumble Fighter is an action/fighting game, as many as eight players can rumble in great multiplayer skirmishing. The offensive maneuvers are blocking, throwing, and hitting and the players can morph.

Street Fighter 2 debuted in 1991 and it is back. This fighting game is competitive. It is credited by many as the game that pummeled this genre into the awareness of the general public causing the global arcade venue to stay dominant for many more years.

Toribash 3.69 is an unusual platform fighting game because it allows the player to decide the kinds of moves they make. Some of the kinds of fighting included are sumo, sword fights, kickboxing, and judo. This game isn't for children because it is too violent.

GunZ The Duel is an action/fighting game that is free. Hundreds of online players duke it out with guns, cloaks, knives, and swords. It is full of adventurers, bounty hunters, and outlaws.

Free Online Games

Sidering Knockout Boxing is a realistic free online boxing game. The player has to fight a slew of opponents to become the heavyweight champion. This game takes honing your skills in order to beat your opponent using combination punches and dancing away from the opposing boxer.

Warfare 1917 is a World War I fighting game and strategy game. The player advances his army, either German or British, through Europe from trench to trench. Gain the enemies territory and make them surrender at each trench to win the game.

Feudalism 2 is a cool fighting game that is based on the premise of ruling the world in feudal times. The world has six countries, twelve heroes, many weapons, and armor. To become the main king that rules the lesser vassals you'll purchase armament, recruit warriors, and leave no cities under the rule of your opponents.


Xbox 360 Common Issues

As with most electronic goods, the Xbox does have its fair share of problems. These can range from software to hardware problems. Sometimes even insufficient power can cause problems. It can be most frustrating when you have just completed the hardest level on a game, then all of a sudden your Xbox freezes.

This usually happens just before you save it. Microsoft is, as usual, close-lipped about it, and to get information on trying to identify or to fix the problem can lead you in sorts of directions.

The three most common Xbox problems include; the three red lights, the one red light and your hard drive refusing to read the disk. Another small problem that can occur is the machine overheating, which can easily be rectified with the addition of the updated Nyko Intercooler, which runs on its own power source. It must be noted though; Microsoft considers this an 'unlicensed add-on' and will cause your warranty to become voided.

Realizing that you have a problem is easy on the Xbox; different lights for the different problems will light up. For hardware failures, the bottom right light on the light indicator will flash red. If the machine overheats, the top and bottom left on the light indicator will flash red.

When a general hardware failure is imminent, the top and bottom left as well as the bottom right on the light indicator will flash red. If there is a problem with the AV cable, all lights will flash red.

Of all the errors one can get, the most dreaded is the general hardware problem, otherwise known as the 'red ring of death'. This problem does not immediately make itself known, and when it does happen it can be the worst feeling in the world. It is caused by a fault in one or more of the hardware components.

Unfortunately, this Xbox problem can also be caused by a power surge. When one gets this problem, there is usually two things you can do, try to fix it yourself or send it in to Microsoft for repairs.

When your Xbox has a video problem, your scaler chip is most likely damaged. This is known to gamers as a 'green Screen of Death'. This will show itself on your console as one flashing red light on the lower right light indicator. A message of E74 System Error, plus a message, for example, 'Please Contact Xbox Customer Support' will also appear. Unfortunately, the only way of rectifying this problem is to send your machine in for repairs.

One of the most frustrating Xbox problems is when your Xbox will not play discs, even original Xbox games. One of the main reasons for this happening is when the connectors on the back of the box overheat and burn out the DVD drive. This can only be rectified by sending the console in for repairs. It can also be caused by a dirty laser, which is easy to fix- the Xbox needs to be opened and the laser cleaned.

Once the Xbox problem has been located, it is relatively easy to fix. Then you can go back to enjoying your gaming experience.


Gaming - The Video Game Environment Isn't Just For Kids

There are a lot of people in this world who are absolutely passionate about video gaming. Gaming is one of the most popular cultures amongst the members of the younger generation. However, gaming as we see has taken all the generations by storm. People from all age groups indulge in video gaming and the competition just gets fiercer.

Video gaming is a multibillion industry. This justifies the fact that video gaming is a big part of the technology Industry which has attracted millions of gamers from around the world. You will be amazed by the kinds of imagination deployed to develop the games. Videogames will take you to the heights of imagination which you would not have thought of before.

You would be surprised to see the size of the diehard fan-clubs of the games like Need for Speed, Grand Theft Auto, Splinter Cell, Hit-man, The Godfather etc. Millions of gamers compete against each other across the globe by joining the games online.

There are plenty of gaming championships and events taking place all across the world. The gaming population is increasing by thousands everyday.

There are many people in this world who dream of having an exclusive video game environment of their own. This would be the place which they call haven. The gamers would love to station up in their video game environment and focus on their game without being disturbed.

A video game environment will be the place which will be exclusively utilized for the purpose of video gaming only. For the gamers who play cosmic games, this haven will represent their own spaceship. It could get so emotionally attached with our lives.

Some people play video games to relax their minds and to unwind themselves. It helps them take their minds away from their works. This type of therapy is accepted by millions of people around the world. The video game environment is almost like a place of medication for them.

There are few things which a gamer should follow religiously. Never let the game addiction get the better off you. Do your gaming strictly during the hours scheduled by you. Do not overstep this line if you do not wish to land into trouble starting with your family.

You will need to sit and communicate with your parents about your passion for video gaming. They would understand it better if you could maybe show them a copy of your timetable which you have set as your gaming schedule.

All the gamers will need to consider their video game environment as a gaming haven. Your video game zone is never a getaway spot to hide from people nor is it a place to work or the place to sleep. It is not a place for you to smoke either. You will need to maintain the exclusive nature of your video game Zone.

Make sure that you do not end up converting your video game environment as the shell around you.

A video game environment is strictly a place for you to concentrate and focus on your game. There is no better feeling than when you are climbing up the levels in your game.


The History of the God of War

Have you ever heard of the God of War? If you haven't the chances are good that you aren't a gamer. If you are the proud owner of a PlayStation, however, then the name may well ring a bell.

It may be familiar anyway because it refers to one of the Greek Gods, and indeed this is one of the characters the games are focused on. The main character however is a character called Kratos, and the aim of Kratos in the first game is to kill the God of War, otherwise known as Ares.

As with some other action games on the PlayStation platform, there is a real plot here that unfolds as the game progresses. This is an action adventure, fighting and role playing game that aficionados of this type of game love. It was initially released back in 2005, on varying dates depending on the location. The initial release of the first God of War game was on 22nd March in North America.

Fans of the first game had to wait nearly two years to play the sequel. The appropriately named God of War II was finally released in North America on the 13 March 2007, to an avid audience.

Once again Kratos is the main character in the second game, but this time around he has different weapons. In the first game he used the Blades of Chaos, but the second game sees him using the Blades of Athena instead. This second game sees Ares having been displaced as the God of War by Kratos in the first game, and while there is a break between the stories it continues with the basic storyline in this sense.

It is not hard to see why the God of War series has been such a popular one with fans of the PlayStation. Since God of War III is due to be released in March 2010 there is no doubt that excitement surrounding the story will peak again. This is a well thought out story that has been quite faithful to the history of Greek myth and legend, and it uses these Greek stories and Gods to create a game that completely immerses the player in what is going on.

As you would expect from an action adventure game such as this one, there are plenty of weapons and other features which form an integral part of the game. You will meet plenty of well known Greek characters and people as well, making it a stunning game that many people enjoy playing.

The God of War Collection is due to be released soon too, so there is no doubt that interest in one of the best role playing series on the PlayStation will soon be renewed once more.


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